Experience the world of Rome at Chi-Rho Group Amazon books

Experience the world of Rome at Chi-Rho Group Amazon booksExperience the world of Rome at Chi-Rho Group Amazon books

Constantine the Great

It has been five years since Constantine was proclaimed Augustus by his father's legions in Britannia. Now he is locked in a savage war with Maxentius, son of Maximian. After a series of hard-fought battles in northern Italia, Constantine is marching on Roma, the ancient capital of the empire.  Constantine is given a vision in his dreams. He sees a strange symbol and hears a voice telling him that it is a sign of victory and triumph. It is the Chi-Rho, used by Christians to secretly identify themselves to one another. Christianity has been proscribed since the days of the Emperor Diocletian and many thousands of Christians have been brutally tortured and executed without mercy. Nevertheless, Constantine instructs his soldiers to paint the prohibited symbol on the fronts of their shields as a mark of invincibility. Fourteen legions march toward Roma, proudly bearing the Chi-Rho emblazoned shields. Constantine's army meets the enemy at the Milvian Bridge, just outside the city. The fate of the empire hangs in the balance. The course of history is about to change.

Legio xii fulminata - with caesar


This book is not about the ancient city of Roma, nor any particular Roman. Rather, it tells the story of a Roman legion - the famed Twelfth Fulminata. Proconsul Iulius Caesar has been authorized by the Senate to raise two new legions for the conquest of Gaul. He fills the cohorts with raw recruits and transfers tried and proven officers from his veteran legions to lead them to war. Each chapter describes a pivotal battle of Caesar's campaigns from the perspective of the commanding officer of the legion, the Primus Pilus Centurion. March with the Lightning Legion through Celtica, Belgica, Germania and Britannia. Follow Caesar as he relentlessly pursues his archenemy, Pompey the Great, down the Italian peninsula, across the Adriatic Sea and on to the climactic Battle of Pharsalus

Barbara, the Magistrate's daughter


The story of Barbara, the forgotten Saint

Ships with purple sails have arrived in the harbor of Nicomedia, bringing strife and turmoil to two Roman maidens. Clarissa's father is falsely accused of accepting bribes, forcing Clarissa and her mother into exile.  When Barbara refuses to marry the arrogant tribune Lucius Caetullus, her own life is placed in danger.

The Kitchen Slave, Miriam


Miriam, a Christian slave in the kitchens of a wealthy Roman nobleman, meets a crippled stable slave and transforms his life. They are married in the church of Viminacium and form a Christian family as they struggle to gain their freedom. The lives of Miriam and Lazarus, and their two daughters Susannah and Joanna, are plunged into turmoil when the noble Aemilianus is summoned to Nicomedia to serve as Consul under the Emperor Diocletian. The Augustus Diocletian, convinced of his own divinity and demanding to be venerated by his subjects, is determined to rid the empire of all Christians and their treasonous beliefs. Purges and proscriptions are initiated in every province and city. Many of the faithful are tortured and executed without mercy. It is a dark time for the nascent Christian Church. A time of danger and sacrifice. A time of martyrs and saints.